My Recent Obsession with Podcasts

Okay you guys, I know I’m a liiiiiiiittle bit late to the game here with this – but I recently got SUPER into podcasts.

Like, I haven’t listened to music in my car or at work in a week [which for me is major because I love music, and I especially love jamming to it in my car].

If you’re already into Podcasts, then you know my sudden addiction. You get it. You get me.

If you’re NOT, you need to drink the kool-aid.

I’ll be honest, I’m really not into watching TV. All the shows end up being kind of the same and I truthfully just get bored sitting around and staring at a screen. BUT, there was a short segment of my life that I got into the Bachelor [judge me] and watched maybe three seasons of it before I just couldn’t do it anymore. One of those seasons was Kaitlyn Bristowe’s, and I’ve been a bit of a fangirl ever since.

Kaitlyn recently started her own podcast, and has been promoting the F out of it on her IG stories for the last couple of months. I decided to give it a whirl [what could it hurt?] and ended up getting hooked on it. I just love her realness, and I love her sense of humor and how well she just vibes with other people.

Here’s what I love about podcasts [in no particular order]:

It sounds silly but it really humbles you as a person to listen to other people talk about their lives – the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly. For me, it’s made me stop and think about my own life and how I treat and interact with other people. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a very selfish person [like, more than necessary at times], and to hear other people share life experiences really makes you reflect on your own. It has 100% made me want to be more engaging in my personal relationships and expel more energy on them. More often than not, I am lazy and just won’t text people because, as an introvert, even that sort of interaction can be draining. But, no more! Suck it up, Sarah. Time to put some real effort into the people and things that matter.

The guests on each podcast show can open up the door to thousands of other podcast channels. Through Kaitlyn Bristowe’s channel, I discovered one other lady power channel that I love, and through this other one I have found THREE more that I’m excited to try! Granted, most of these are total feminist channels [big shocker there], but there are a couple that are more health-related that I am so stoked to listen in on [especially because I’ve recently gotten on this total health kick and have become extremely interested in learning about nutrition and how the things I put into my body are specifically effecting me].

In contrast to being a good life lesson, podcasts can also be a really nice escape from reality. The channels I’ve been listening to are all celeb hosts, and some of the things they talk about are so ridiculous and so hard to wrap your mind around as just a common “normal” human being. I love all the stories about Hollywood and the crazy things that famous people actually, truthfully do.

Some of them are actually educational! [Let’s be honest, probably most of them]. I’m just listening to the feminist ladies of Hollywood with a voice, ha]. But seriously, some of these episodes have had guest speakers who travel around the world and speak at seminars about health, sex, relationships – it’s truly fascinating and has actually opened my mind to a bunch of topics that I normally wouldn’t find interesting or take any interest in on my own.

You don’t really have to listen to any of the episodes in order once you find a channel you like. I personally have a weird OCD where I feel like I have to listen to them in order, but so far none of them have ever presented a topic that required a prior episode listen.

Every episode of a podcast channel is different. While there are always some similarities [one of the channels I follow has the same segments every week, but they have different guests and the topics vary], they are, overall, completely different subjects every time. While I still love music, everything starts to sound the same after a while, and, if I’m being perfectly honest, nobody has released anything GOOD lately. Listening to podcasts has been a nice break from the repetitive sounds we’re getting out of the music world right now.

I think the best thing about podcasts is: there is something out there for everyone. I’m not kidding, you guys. There are hundreds, thousands of topics, channels, hosts. If you like a celeb, you’ll probably discover that they have a podcast channel.

I feel kind of dumb because all this time I thought podcasts were so lame and so archaic [like talk radio – does anybody really still listen to talk radio? nobody in my generation, at least]. I had this notion that podcasts were all just old men droning on and on about politics and science and that it was basically this big ol’ snoozefest. But, I stand corrected. I am loving the channels I’ve found so far, and if you aren’t into podcasts yet, this is my friendly nudge to get you going. You won’t regret it! And, bonus, if you hate reading but like to be educated, this is the best of both worlds.

If you’re curious about what I’m listening to on the Apple Podcast app [don’t judge me – I love the super feminist ish]:

Off the Vine – Kaitlyn Bristowe
LadyGang – Jac Vanek, Becca Tobin + Keltie Knight
Girlboss Radio – Sophia Amoruso
The Great Love Debate – Brian Howie
Straight Up with Stassi – Stassi Schroeder
Sex With Emily – Emily Morse
Brandi Glanville Unfiltered – Brandi Glanville

If you guys are already podcast fanatics like I am, please send me some ideas! I would love to branch out my repertoire more!