Personality Test


I know – it sounds a little bit like TMJ or something like that. Buuuut, it’s not.

Do you guys ever wonder why you mesh well with certain people, and with others you just don’t? Do you ever catch yourself getting upset over something so minuscule, and wondering why the heck you got so upset about it?

Okay, well, maybe you don’t, but I wonder it all the time. I can be very short fused about certain things – and I know sometimes it’s because it’s shark week [ladies, ya feel me?], and other times it could be lack of sleep or just a rough day at the office. But often times it’s none of these things, which begs the question, Daaa fuqqq?!

I’ve been following a blog for some time now called Violet Fog. It’s run by a group of 20- and 30-something gals living in San Francisco, who write about everything from restaurants to books to beauty products – you name it, they’ve probably covered it. Gal’s if you’re looking for a new online publication to follow, I highly recommend giving them a try. They keep it real, and don’t talk about mindless subjects, which I love.

One of the articles I stumbled across some time ago was about different personality types and how you decipher your own. The writer took an online personality exam called Myers-Briggs. Essentially, the “test” evaluates you based on how you respond to the given questions, and categorizes your personality based on that. It’s a pretty cool concept, and it’s pretty darn spot on. AND, better yet, the test is FREE and no answer is wrong. I highly recommend you take it – click HERE to access. And if you do, click here to read even more about your personality type.

I took the test earlier this week [actually, I ended up taking two – I stumbled upon a different website the first time – both tests gave me the same results!] and learned that I am an ISTJ personality type [introverted sensing thinking judging]. I did some major researching on it after the fact, and could definitely relate to a good chunk of what I read. In the oddest way, reading about your personality traits from a total stranger is sort of reassuring. Like, okay, I’m clearly not alone when it comes to the way I see the world and the way I feel about and react to things.

One of the things that really caught my attention about my assessment was that my personality type needs closure when it comes to certain situations. Mostly situations and relationships. I struggle BIG TIME with lack of closure.

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have typed out text messages and emails to old flames and friends and just never sent them. Usually it helps me to just get the words out of my head and onto something concrete. But I have definitely wasted a lot of time and energy teetering on the fence of whether or not I should reach out to people for the mere purpose of shutting the door on that chapter of my life.

Luckily, adulthood and maturity has gotten the best of me, and it’s a rare day that I actually unleash these thoughts onto the intended.

Another personality trait that resonated with me from the Meyers-Briggs test was my type’s need for solitary jobs and the free will to do things our own way. Soooooo accurate. For example, probably anybody in the world would love to have people help them clean. I am so set in my ways, though, that I do not want any help. I need to do things my way, and without assistance. And if/when people try and help me, and they don’t do it the way I like, I get angry. Like, stupidly upset. Totally an ISTJ trait. Which leads to another fun thing we ISTJs share – impatience and lack of emotion, sympathy and empathy. Emotion makes me sooo uncomfortable. I deal with it much better through writing [hence my blog]. My poor boyfriend – I had him take this test this week, and he is the polar opposite of me in this sense [he’s an INFJ – they’re big on feelings and expressing themselves physically, emotionally, and as often as possible].

You guys, seriously, this test is really cool. It’s quick and painless, and if you’re an introvert like me whose weekend nights consist of Instagramming and Blogging, then this will be something fun and new for you to do.

Let me know what personality types you guys are! I find this to be a fascinating way to learn more about people and what makes them tick!