Mother and Baby

Milk: It Does a [Baby’s] Body Good.

As a woman nearing my thirties, it’s only natural that my Facebook feed would be overrun with fellow female acquaintances announcing pregnancies and births. And it’s because of these ladies that I’ve noticed a common topic amongst them that really just irks the heck out of me.

The top is breastfeeding. And not just breastfeeding, but breastfeeding in public.

More and more, lately, I’ve been seeing moms on my Facebook feed share posts and thoughts about being harassed about breastfeeding in public. This in and of itself astounds me – but what’s even more mind boggling is that the people that are harassing them are WOMEN. Our fellow comrades!

Um.. WHAT?!

Look, I get it. Showing your naked breast in public is NOT the tits [ha-ha], generally speaking. In American society, naked breast = stripper [no offense towards those who have this job].

But if you’re feeding your brand new infant child that relies on your breast milk 100% for nourishment and survival? That is somehow offensive?

So let me get this straight.. Our society deems it okay to pay celebrities millions of dollars to show their parts on the silver screen? We are PAYING MONEY to see ADULT women [and men] who are deemed “famous” by society and tabloids with their clothes off. Carls Jr. specifically markets half naked women on their TV commercials with sauces and juices dripping all over their bits. Oh.. And people are paying money to go to strip clubs where it’s basically a crime if  a woman is wearing a shirt and bra.

Ahh but you find it offensive and disgusting that a mother would be discreetly feeding her helpless and innocent and hungry child in public.

Yes, well, I can see how this all makes sense.


This is not the nineteenth century, people! Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are literally humans on this planet that are CHANGING THEIR GENDERS, and you’re over here worrying about a woman feeding her baby and flashing a little bit of “forbidden” skin?

God forbid any of you people visit another country, lest you lose your mind over the fact that bathing suit tops are optional at public beaches [read: no women wear tops at beaches in Europe – literally not one].

No, I cannot relate to how closed-minded you are because I’ve grown up in a society where men openly love men and women openly love women and the idea of a mother doing something natural like feeding her infant child doesn’t bother me. I guess maybe I’m desensitized to it. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I actually noticed a baby being fed in public. Probably because I DON’T CARE. I have 6548721354987 other things going on in my life that a woman I don’t know feeding a baby I don’t know doesn’t affect my life in ANY WAY.

And, if it truly bothers you that much – LOOK AWAY. Avert your eyes. Oh my gosh, what a concept!

I understand that this post may offend some of your delicate sensibilities, and I am completely okay with that. I think sometimes our society needs to open its minds a bit more – whether people like it or not, our world is changing. And you can choose to hate it and expel useless energy on refusing to accept these changes, OR you can educate yourselves and roll with the punches.