Grammar Police

Being a writer and an avid book reader, I am aaallllllll about grammar.

And, yes, I am that stereotypical friend that will correct your grammar.

I know it’s annoying, but I don’t care. Wanna know why [and yes, I understand that wanna is not a “real” word]?

Here’s the thing, guys. We are ADULTS. I am almost thirty. I, along with all of my peers [and all of you!] have been spelling for probably at least two decades. We have been writing essays, reading books, and, in this day and age, we are constantly on social media. Facebook and Instagram are a whole conglomeration of words.

So don’t you think it’s fair to say that it seems completely unacceptable to me that people [ADULT PEOPLE] still spell words wrong, or use the wrong version of they’re, their and there?

Now, I understand that English and grammar come more easily to some than others. Myself, for example. I’ve been blessed with an affinity for words. But, on the flipside, I am terrible at science. It just does not click in my brain.

But spelling is something we do EVERY DAY – all of us! We all have a smartphone, we all send texts – there’s no denying that regardless of your career path you are still using words every day. I send and receive hundreds of emails every day. And it blows my mind how many professional emails appear in my inbox with glaringly obvious grammatical errors.

AND, on top of all of that, our computers and our phones have an autocorrect and/or spellcheck software built into them. So anytime you spell a word wrong, it shows you the correction, or it underlines the word in bright red – it’s literally glaring at you that you’ve made an error. How, I ask you – HOW do we continue to eff this up?!

Now, let’s talk about public figures. Celebs, athletes, body builders, Instagram famers – people who have hundreds of thousands of followers and who seem to make quite an impression on society. Maybe none of you ever notice when they use the wrong your or you’re, but I do. Or maybe you do notice, but you think, “Well, that makes them real. They make mistakes, too.”

Okay, fair enough. Making mistakes is part of human nature. But when you have agents, managers, publicists, marketing specialists, etc – basically an entire conglomeration of humans at your beck-and-call – there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for grammatical errors. Maybe I’m being harsh, but it totally revokes your credibility as a power figure in my mind. So many celebs post long and thoughtful posts that have so much potential to have meaning and be life changing, but there are so many misspellings and errors in word usage that it’s distracting.

I guess maybe my sour taste for bad grammar stems from this fear that we are losing something sacred – something centuries and centuries old! The written word is what has given us a connection to our world’s history. It’s how we know about dictators, royalty, early Egyptians – until a decade or so ago, it documented every major event from the past. And, yes, the internet and the age of technology has more than given us the ability to continue to do this [and definitely with more accuracy], but the nostalgia of the written word fills my heart. There’s something about it that’s so romantic and personal, and to see people almost slander it – well, it hurts a little bit.

Let’s be smart, you guys. Let’s not let technology dumb us down. Keep in touch with your roots – write and reteach yourself how to spell and use the correct version of words at any opportunity that you can. It doesn’t make you ancient, it makes you human.