Complexion Complexities

It’s no secret that we’re having a major drought out here in California.

Yesterday, the weather forecast for this weekend was rain, rain, rain.

This morning, as I pondered my appearance and checked the weather to coordinate my outfit accordingly, I was shocked to see that Saturday now has a predicted high of 66. Degrees. Fahrenheit. In Northern California. In the dead of January.

Now, if there was any way possible to convert the oil production made by my body into H2O, I honestly believe that we could cure the drought problem.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that drastic, but for those of you who know the all-to-familiar midday facial sheen (or, rather, the sheen that appears less than one hour after make-up application), it seems like it’s a constant uphill battle. And by uphill, I mean that you don’t actually get anywhere.

For years I have tried what seems like every oil-fighting product under the sun, and to no avail. “Proven to minimize pores and reduce oil production!” LIE.

After resolving to make this year a better and healthier year for myself (and my dog, but that’s beside the point), I finally took some of my free time to do some research (okay, I’m at work. But desperate times call for desperate measures).

What exactly is it that causes this major fire hazard on my face? And, IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN DO TO PREVENT IT?! Or at least reduce it.

Since product trial-and-error has previously failed me, I decided to steer my research in a different direction.

When I was little, my grandpa wouldn’t each chocolate. He always said, “Chocolate gives you zits.” When you’re a kid, that’s like telling a child “The sky is green” when it’s clearly blue. I mean, obviously there’s no way that something that goes into your belly can affect what’s happening on your face.

Turns out, it can.

And, as it also turns out, everything that’s on my “Most favorite foods to eat in the entire world” list is a major no-no for people who have overly oily skin. Insert sad sigh.

As I clicked madly from website to website, hoping for some sort of variety (or at least a loophole), I kept seeing the same thing: “Foods to avoid: red meats and meats high in fat content, dairy, processed sugars, soda and alcohol.” So basically everything I consume on a day-to-day basis. Double sad sigh.

So, I guess 2015 really is going to be the year of a total lifestyle change. And while I could throw a tantrum and cry about it, I won’t. I’m going to look at this as an amazing opportunity to see if changing your diet really can affect your body, or if we can chalk it up to an old wive’s tale.

Because, let’s face it, while winding down your day with hot green tea and a yoga sesh is relaxing, it just doesn’t do the trick like a glass of wine and a box of chocolates..